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Tucson Bride and Groom Magazine Photo Shoot

coverThe Castañeda Museum of Ethnic Costume (Tucson, Arizona), was invited by Tucson Bride & Groom Magazine to provide authentic, ethnic Mexican jewelry for their Frida Kahlo themed photo shoot. The cover photo shows the model wearing a silk, fuchsia colored rebozo provided by the Museum (Frida was fond of this color), & a style of handmade earrings made by the Mazahua people of the State of Mexico. In the video one can view large gold earrings & a style of necklace of gold coins used by the Tehuana women of Oaxaca. The model also wears a long, classic “rosario” style necklace of gold & coral from the Mérida, Yucatán area.

press play to view video of photo shoot

Frida, She Wore It Her Way

The Tucson Botanical Gardens is presently featuring an exhibit about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo,  which will continue until May 2017.  Please visit their website to view details about our program and all the other activities connected with this special event.  Our Museum director, Gayle Castañeda, will be presenting a program on Thursday, March 9, 2017,  at 6:00 p.m. at the Gardens.  Displaying types of indigenous garments Frida wore, Gayle will offer a history of the artist concerning her controversial use of indigenous clothing.  She will also accompany her program with paintings by local artist Lorna Newton.   Tucson Botanical Gardens website