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1111coverGayle Castañeda, director of the Castañeda Museum of Ethnic Costume, has created a book about ethnic dolls that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  The book provides a glimpse into the colorful world of ethnic and folk costume from around the globe.  Ms. Castañeda believes the book offers a fun way to learn about other cultures and world geography, through the medium of dolls.  Around the World from A to Z with Ethnic Dolls can be enjoyed by all age levels!  Adults can teach little ones the letters of the alphabet with just minimal explanation of the colorful dolls.  Explanations would become more involved with older children.  Fifth graders all the way up to adults can learn world geography from the maps and can appreciate the general information paragraphs that are geared toward these more mature readers.  Ms. Castañeda began collecting ethnic dolls in the early 1950’s, and this collection was the impetus for founding the Castañeda Museum.  The Museum’s ethnic and folk doll collection now totals over 1000 dolls, thanks to Ms. Castañeda’s personal collection and doll donations to the Museum.  Her fascination with these dolls and the love of ethnic textiles inspired her to create this book.  Our editor has estimated our printing costs will be approximately $4,900.00.  The Museum does not have funds to cover these costs and therefore created this Doll Book Campaign, to help raise the amount needed for the printing/publishing.  We are hoping that those who want to help cultivate a more tolerant world and appreciation of other peoples and cultures will contribute to our campaign.

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Our printing, publishing and marketing costs will be approximately $4,900.00. We would deeply appreciate donations of any amount. When our goal is met, anyone donating $50.00 and above will receive a free copy of the book when printed.
Those who donate $100.00 and above will receive 2 books and be listed as a special contributor in the book itself.
Anyone donating $50.00 or more will be recognized on the Museum website.

Press here for credit card donations. We accept Discover, American Express, Visa, Master Card and PayPal.

To donate by phone call us at: 520-299-4129

To donate by mail send check to:
The Castañeda Museum of Ethnic Costume
3550 E. Thimble Peak Pl.
Tucson, Arizona 85718-2229
Please print in the check’s memo section: Doll Book Campaign.

The Castañeda Museum will send formal receipts to all donors, and we thank you wholeheartedly in advance for supporting our campaign.

For more information, contact the Museum at 520-299-4129 or

Doll Book Campaign Donors: Ila Abernathy, Charles & Marina Cacciola, Jacklyn Connoy & Wm. Maguire, Beth Dittrich, Marie & Robert Graninger, Helen & Greg Greene, Edward & Barbara Haugland, Roberta Lynn Hay, David & Carol Hoffman, Doris Manning, Susan Marino, Barbara Quijada, Joan Russell, Ann Samuelson, Margaret Savage, Ray Senuk & Judith Gibbons, Kathy Street, Miriam Weber, Nancy Weyand